she's the only one i desire
she's the only one that lights my fire
everytime i'm down she takes me higher
if i only had one word to describe her
she's so incredible

Excited Taeyeon at the OC Fair


when the maknae gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle

taengoo’s bed scene @ The Taetiseo Ep.01

taeyeon in ep 1 of THE TAETISEO 

Key talking about Seohyun



오늘밤 11pm 첫방합니다 @onstyletv #tts #TheTTS #태티서 #온스타일

[TRANS by Kymmie] The first broadcast is tonight at 11pm @/onstyletv

오늘밤~11시!! on style에서 The 태티서♡본방사수 해주실꺼죠~??히힛♡