she's the only one i desire
she's the only one that lights my fire
everytime i'm down she takes me higher
if i only had one word to describe her
she's so incredible


Starting from the top:
1. The Boys
2. 소원을 말해봐
3. 다시 만난 신세계
4. Girls’ Generation: ITNW First Asia Tour (LIVE Album)
5. Baby Baby
6. Gee
7. Mr. Taxi (The Boys Repackaged)
8. Girls’ Generation: ITNW First Asia Tour (DVD)
9. Girls’ Generation: The First Japan Album
10. Mr. Taxi (Japan)
11. Gee (Japan)
12. Genie (Japan)
13. RunDevilRun (Oh! Repackaged)
14. Hoot
15. Oh!

If you can see the things on the left:
1. “少女"First photobook in Japan
2. THSUTLEO photobook
3. Paradise in Phuket photobook and DVD on top
4. Shining Smile photobook
5. 801 Spao Cap
6. HOLIDAY photobook
7. Shining Smile 2012 Calendar

and Flying Petals 2012 calendar and lots of star cards and lots of official files and lots of…. :D