she's the only one i desire
she's the only one that lights my fire
everytime i'm down she takes me higher
if i only had one word to describe her
she's so incredible

CR: as taken from merong’s 2014 taeyeon calendar

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photo credit: soulkajazz

snsd group shot during talk @ SMTown SG
(i also forgot to post this one ): ) 

RDR ending pose @ SMTown SG
(i forgot to post this with the rest last night ): ) 

Drinking rain water (?) taeny @ SMTown SG

Tell Me Your Wish ending pose @ SMTown SG

Twinkle ending pose @ SMTown SG

DJ Got Us Fallin in Love @ SMTown SG

Mr Taxi ending pose @ SMTown SG

taeyeonnnn again @ SMTown SG